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Funding Cutting Edge Pediatric Brain Injury Research and Pediatric Brain Injury Patient and Family Support.
Alex's Library at the Farmington, CT NICU
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Celebrating 10 Years!
Time for Sabbatical

The Baby Alex Foundation is turning 10 this year! Thank you to all of the people who have made our pediatric brain injury grants and Alex's Library possible. We are humbled by the support and love we have received and paid onward over the last 10 years. Thank you to our board of directors, our medical team and all of the volunteers who have shown up for events over the years. Whether passing cups of water at an aid station or glasses of wine at our fundraisers, we thank you for your time.

Our own family has been through the roller coaster ride of raising a child with a brain injury. Alex turned 10 in September and although he continues to deal with his cerebral palsy and epilepsy, he is thriving in the warm and comforting environment of the small school he and Izzy began attending last year.

With our family's growing needs, we have decided to take a long sabbatical from the annual demands of running a charitable organization. We hope in several years, Alex may decide to formally join our team and help run the organization. But as he is only in 4th grade, only time will tell.

For anyone interested in applying for a grant, we ask that you continue to check the website yearly. When we return from sabbatical, we will announce our grants once again on this homepage. To our donors, we will continue to accept donations which we will apply to our grants and our next Alex's Library once we return to regular operations.

Thank you for your interest in The Baby Alex Foundation.

To the minds of the future,
The Baby Alex Foundation Team

Welcome to The Baby Alex Foundation

The Baby Alex Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization which provides grants for pediatric brain injury research and pediatric brain injury patient and family support. This website is intended to serve as an information warehouse for patients and families living with brain damage, to provide hope and inspiration to anyone touched by pediatric brain injury, to inspire athletes to compete for our cause and to raise awareness and funds that will drive our grant giving and support. Thank you for visiting our website.

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The Baby Alex Foundation is dedicated to support the neurological health of children. In pursuit of this goal, the Foundation raises funds for grants to researchers engaged in pediatric brain injury research, to include:

1. Brain injury prevention.
2. Brain injury rehabilitation.
3. Interventions for cognitive, motor and neurological impairments.
4. Patient and family education and support.


1. To support the underfunded research into the causes, preventions, interventions and therapies that would
give newborns, babies, children and young adults who suffer brain injuries an improved prognosis.
2. To support pediatric brain injury patients and their families through the establishment of Alex's Libraries in NICU's and PICU's around the country.